Fashion According to Justin Timbershake

Fashion can say many things about a person. It can say the type of person they are, if their outgoing or shy, bold or subtle, clean or dirty. Your outside image has become much more important these days especially with social media being apart of everyday life. In this article I’m going to tell you how to step outside the box & some styling tricks I’ve learned along the years.

The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the color wheel. For example google color wheel for fashion and see how certain colors compliment each other. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box, go to your local Express or H&M store and start putting pants and blazers together. Some other stores I go to include Zara, Tallia Orange from Macys, Topman,, Nordstroms Rack, Nordstroms, Target,, Steinmart.

If your the type of guy to wear suits on a regular basis and want to find a way to stay cool, just roll up your sleeves and then put on your blazer. Just make sure you actually roll up the sleeves, NOT pull it up. This is not only a big no-no because it will look too bulgy under your blazer, but also a pet peeve to a lot of women. This is a great way to stay cool especially in the summer time and still wear your blazer during the day. If you like to dance or go to clubs this is a must-do trick that will help your body to cool and prevent being that guy with the sweat marks on his clothes.

If your the type of guy to wear a pocket square, I’m going to show you an amazing trick to stand out from the rest. I saw this style of pocket square online and they were charging over $100 dollars for each one. I bought mine for $10-$15 in the Downtown LA Fashion District. Instead of folding your pocket square and just showing the top portion, or fluffing it to peek out, why not make it look like an extravagant piece of art?! Instead your going to have the pocket square unfolded, grab the middle of it, and form it like its a flower bouquet. Once you create a form you like, grab a twist tie and tie it around the bottom that way your not having to re-form it every time you wear it. Its such a simple process and a modern mens fashion trick that makes you look like a million bucks.

I absolutely love wearing slim fit pants, chinos & jeans. The only problem is your keys, chapstick, gum, money and whatever else you put in your pocket will show through your pants. Well there’s a simple trick for that, put most of it in your blazer inner pockets. It may feel funny at first or feel like its weighing your blazer down, but you’ll get used to it and won’t even feel it’s there. I usually keep only my keys in my pocket. You can even separate your car key and put that in the lower inner pocket on most blazers.

If you like to keep your shoes looking like new, a MUST have is shoe trees. You can pick them up at most department stores, I go to Nordstroms Rack for mine. At $15 a piece, its a great investment tool to make sure your shoes don’t hold nasty creases and cracks that will never go away once they set in. I learned the hard way when starting into fashion and watched my shoes deteriorate very quickly and become old looking. Another piece of shoe advise, you may consider spending the extra few bucks for a better quality brand name like Magnanni, Mezlan, Allen Edmonds, etc. Do a lot of research online and you can get a great deal on sale items for lower than retail value.

All in all, make it happen! Do something different that makes you go outside your comfort zone. It’s a fun conversation piece and a great way to start conversation with people wherever you go. You’ll be amazed at the small things we can do and you can be sure, especially women, will notice what you’ve done differently than others.

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by Timbershake