Love at First Kiss

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Love at First Kiss

The new reality show on TLC just released Love at First Kiss. Being a participant in the show has changed the way I feel about dating. It’s an interesting concept to go right to the physical touch rather than going on multiple dates just to get to that point.

At first I didn’t know what to expect on Love at First Kiss

It’s an interesting story how I got onto the show, because of my fashion. It definitely is something out of the ordinary and unique. With my fashion, I help people to not be afraid to express themselves. Kissing is another expression of the human nature, but yet some are afraid to explore it or openly talk about it. Instead we should be embracing the fruits of life that are upon us because tomorrow is another day and you don’t know what might happen.

How many times have you been on dates, everything goes great, but once you kiss the person there’s just no chemistry there? It’s ok to be open minded with new things in life and adventures. You only live life once, you may not even be here tomorrow, why live life being afraid of the unknown. Don’t be afraid to be bold, be afraid to be unknown!

-Justin Timbershake


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by Justin Timbershake