Love At First Kiss Season Finale on TLC

Love At First Kiss Season Finale with Justin Timbershake

Love at First Kiss

Tonight is the Season Finale of Love At First Kiss on TLC. Will I find love at first kiss? Or is it all just a fog of imagination?

You will find out on Wednesday September 21st at 9pm.

Sometimes the paths you take in life take an unexpected turn. It’s the unknown outcomes of everyday life that we can’t control, but just go for the ride. Especially in today’s day in age with social media, online dating & basically the internet consuming our normal daily activities more things are possible and new views are commonly accepted.

Life takes you on many roads, with different paths & different outcomes. We strive to take the right road, on the right path, with the right outcome. But how do we know which road to take, for which path & which outcome. Success is the end result of desire, what do you desire?

-Justin Timbershake

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by Justin Timbershake